Class Notes

Whether you missed a class, live too far way, or are already taking part in an herb apprenticeship, these class notes are designed to be stand-alone topics. Class notes are designed to be reviewed at your convenience but they should not replace hands-on workshops and apprentice programs.  These will work well in conjunction with lectures, much like a textbook is used as outside reading to provide greater understanding of the topic.  These class notes are available to everyone and will allow students from any herbal program to gain different perspectives or techniques.

To purchase class notes, simply review the descriptions below and then click the link to the store where you will be guided through an easy checkout service.  At this time, class notes are not yet instantly downloadable. The administrator will be announced of your purchase and will email you the class as a PDF with pictures, audio, and/or video attachments.  

Check back regularly as class notes are continuously being added.  Questions about the classes? Be sure to ask before purchasing.

Making Herbal Salves

Herbal Preparations

Elderberry Syrups Class

This class is suitable for herbalists of all levels of experience.  The download contains step-by-step instructions, pointers and explanations so you can make your own high-quality elderberry syrup at home.  It also contains calculations for the clinical herbalist who may want to make syrups of varying strengths. 

Herbal Lozenges

Lozenges are a way to make foul-tasting herbs slightly more palatable and are a great way to soothe a sore throat or cough.  This download contains step-by-step instructions to make your own lozenges along with a discussion on herbs and vitamins often added to help soothe sore throats and coughs.  This online class is suitable for any level of herbal education – you can keep it as simple as you like or be creative with different ingredients available.