Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Herbalist

Nathaniel Petley, MS, ND


Dr. PetleyDr. Petley is from central Maine and is founder of Maine Center for Natural Health, a naturopathic clinic in Waterville. He is an accomplished naturopathic doctor, herbalist, and lecturer who shares his expertise in naturopathic and botanical medicine. Dr. Petley blends the art and science of herbalism in his clinic and classroom, relying on 10 years in practice and over 25 years of experience studying plants, wildcrafting, and making herbal medicine. His passion for herbs is contagious and his knowledge is presented in an easy to understand manner. 


Nathaniel Petley, ND is a naturopathic doctor who grew up in central Maine and moved back home to start his own naturopathic health clinic. He is founder of Maine Center for Natural Health conveniently located at  325C Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. Maine Center for Natural Health is a clinic that houses a myriad of experienced alternative health practitioners all working independently and conveniently located under one roof.

Dr. Petley graRugosa Roseduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2013.  Prior, he studied landscape horticulture and botany at the University of Maine and later earned his Master’s degree at the University of Connecticut in the Department of Plant Science.

It was his love of the botanical world that led Dr. Petley to naturopathic medicine.  He learned the art of herbalism and traditional healing from local herbalists in Connecticut while finishing his Master’s degree.  He quickly applied his knowledge of plant identification and began collecting wild plants for their medicinal uses.  Shortly after graduating, he opened Acadia Herbals, an herb and spice shop in Northampton, MA.  He offered sustainably wildcrafted local plants and worked with local farmers and herbalists to supply organically grown medicinal and culinary herbs.  He also created his own line of salves, creams, tinctures, soaps, and other herbal products, all sold throughout Western MA including the local Whole Foods Market.  Dr. Petley continued his study of western herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Native American Medicine, as well as the formulary of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Petley sold his business in 2009 in order to further expand his knowledge of the healing arts at naturopathic medical school.St. Johnswort

While attending medical school, Dr. Petley became an adjunct professor teaching botanical pharmacy (how to make herbal medicine) and phytopharmacognosy (the constituents found within medicinal plants), allowing him to share his experiences and passion for botanical medicine at the university level.  He also worked part time as a supplement consultant at Nature’s Way, in Stratford, CT, a prominent, privately owned natural food store. He can be found throughout New England offering classes and workshops on botanical medicine and naturopathic medicine.

Throughout his years of study, Dr. Petley has met some very influential people and it is with great gratitude to all who have helped him along his journey that he is now a practicing naturopathic doctor and clinical herbalist in his own health clinic in Maine, where it all began.

Pink Ladys Slipper

Dr. Petley has been a proud member of MAND (Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors) since his return to Maine in 2013 and served as treasurer and member of the Executive Committee. 

When not practicing or lecturing, Dr. Petley can be found gardening, hiking the mountains of Maine, and photographing the world around him. He is actively involved with his local photography club (Kennebec Valley Photographic Society). He is also a member of the Mid-Maine Permaculture Club.

Website: Email: [email protected]. Facebook: nathanielpetleynd. Instagram: @drpetley

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