Maine Center for Natural Health

Dr. Nate Petley has office hours at Maine Center for Natural Health conveniently located at 325C Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, Maine. Whether you are looking to address an acute cold, chronic disease or yearly checkup, Dr. Petley will use his expertise in naturopathic medicine as he works with you to create a healthier you ~ naturally! 

Dr. Petley is trained to create a personalized and holistic treatment plan that incorporates your mind, body and spirit. He treats the cause of disease with the least invasive therapy available.  To learn more about naturopathic medicine, click here!

Call or email Dr. Petley to initiate your interest in becoming a patient today!

The first office visit with Dr. Petley will include a full patient history, including topics such as past medical history, family history, current concerns and complaints, current medications/supplements, and current diet. Preparing as much information as possible, such as making copies of previous lab tests, can help Dr. Petley better assess your health at the first meeting.  The first office visit will also include a physical exam, including, but not limited to, heart, lungs, digestive system, and nervous system. If your case requires it, Dr. Petley may request additional labs.  The first office visit will last about an hour and a half, giving Dr. Petley plenty of time to get to know you and better assess your health. Please send Dr. Petley an email if you have any questions! [email protected].

Once patients become established with Dr. Petley at Maine Center for Natural Health, they can easily schedule short visits for acute situations. Why wait until you are feeling miserable with the flu to undergo a lengthy first office visit?

Pricing at Maine Center for Natural Health*
First Office Visit $275 (90 minutes), required for all new patients (Rate Increase to $300 Effective Nov 1, 2023)
Return Visits 15 minutes (acute conditions only) $50, 30 minutes $100, 45 minutes $150, 60 minutes $200
Nasosympatico $55 (initial treatment may require a 15-minute consult $45)
Phone Calls/Emails
Hourly rate may apply, see below for details
Blood Draws/Labs
Blood Draw Fee $35. Labs vary per person, per complexity of case, and per insurance coverage
Supplements Varies per person and per complexity of case                                            *Prices may change and are listed here.

Common Modalities Used by Dr. Petley

Maine Center for Natural HealthAs a naturopathic doctor and clinical herbalist, Dr. Petley is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of modalities.  His specialty is in botanical medicine.  He also incorporates nutrition, diet/lifestyle, physical medicine, and hydrotherapy.   

Common Conditions Addressed by Dr. Petley

Allergies, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Cardiovascular Disease (including Cholesterol and Hypertension), Chronic Fatigue, Clinical Nutrition, Colds/Flues, Counseling, Depression (including SAD), Diabetes, Digestive Complaints (including heart burn/acid reflux, IBS/IBD, Constipation, and Diarrhea), Endocrinology (including Thyroid and Adrenals), Environmental Medicine, Family Practice, Fibromyalgia, Functional Medicine, Infectious Disease, Lyme Disease, Men’s Health, Metabolic Syndrome, Neurological Disease, Primary Care, Women’s Health, Urinary Tract Complaints, and Much, Much More! 

Looking to be gluten free, dairy free, or animal free but not sure where to start? Need to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure? Dr. Petley is experienced in most diet plans to match your goals! Let him optimize your diet today!

Insurance Coverage

At this time, Dr. Petley is not partnered with any insurance company and all patients pay the office at the time of service. However, Dr. Petley will, at your request, create a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company.  Dr. Petley is considered out-of-network with all insurance companies (please note that some companies will not yet work with naturopathic doctors on any level) and some companies consider him a specialty.  Please call your insurance company to determine potential benefits including reimbursement or application towards deductibles.  Some insurance companies will allow Dr. Petley to request necessary labs.  Do not hesitate to call the office or email Dr. Petley for clarification.

Don’t have insurance?  No problem!  There are many low-cost labs available to keep out-of-pocket expenses low.

Phone/Email Policy

It is highly encouraged that you reach out via phone or email if you have a question. There is no charge for phone calls or emails if they pertain to the brief clarification of your existing treatment plan. You will be charged the standard hourly rate ($180/hour) when 1) the question involves more than a yes/no answer or requires discussion, 2) the question pertains to any new symptoms, 3) the question is regarding approval of a new supplement not yet discussed or reviewed in previous office visits, 4) the question is seeking an opinion greater than a yes/no answer, or 5) it has been longer than 14 days since your last office visit. This is all essential for your safety.

Professional Consultation in Botanical Medicine

Dr. Petley provides professional consultation services in botanical medicine to licensed practitioners. Not sure about herb:drug interactions? Have a tricky case and wonder how botanical medicine might be useful?  Let Dr. Petley help research and share his experience! Consultation fees start at $50 per 15 minutes of research and review via video chat (Zoom) or phone. For details, call or email Dr. Petley.

Maine Center for Natural Health and the Office of Dr. Petley provide a non-discriminatory safe zone for everyone and includes age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation including gender identity and expression, religious affiliation, military status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, and marital status.