Previous Classes

Here are many of the classes that Dr. Petley has taught in the past.  If you’d like to see one of these classes offered again, do not hesitate to email Dr. Petley.

Making Herbal Salves | Making Herbal Creams | Winter Herbal Medicine Chest | Making Lip Balms | Herbal Detoxification | Herbs of the Summer Fields | The Amazing Dandelion | Introduction to Medicinal Herbs | Herbal Workshop | Essential Oils: The Series | Vegetarianism for Your Whole Family | An Evening with Backyard Herbs | Spring Herbal Detox | Demystifying the Nutrition Label | Medical Astrology | Integrated Stress Management | Managing Cholesterol Naturally | Managing Allergies Naturally | Tea Blending | Diets & Lifestyles Demystified | Embracing the Winter Moon | Herbs for Men’s Health | Herbal Tinctures, Oils, & Teas | Treating Digestion Naturally | The Hiker’s Guide to Maine Herbs

Salve Making Workshop CT
Herbs of the Summer Fields
Winter Medicine Chest
Introduction to Medicinal Herbs
2014-03-31 07.54.48
Demystifying the Nutrition Label Flyer
Lip Balm Class
Integrated Stress Management 2
2014-04-15 13.38.45
Herbal Detox Class
Evening with Backyard Herbs
An Evening with Backyard Herbs
Essential Oils The Series
Fairfield Adult Ed Spring Detox lecture
Dandelion Workshop
Herbal Astrology Class

Managing Cholesterol Naturally 2016

Introduction to Medicinal Herbs 2nd Series
Herbal Workshop CT 2016