Clinical Herbalism (Year 3)

Clinical Herbalism is a 10-month herb apprenticeship that meets twice a month from February to November.  This is year three in Dr. Petley’s herb apprenticeship and is open to students who have taken both Essential Herbalism and Applied Herbalism.  Enrolled students gain clinical experience and confidence while seeing live case studies in conjunction with learning advanced health topics such as herb-drug interactions and contraindications.  There will also be a detailed review of the scope of practice for herbalists. This class includes monthly write ups and reviewing case studies.

Outside reading, homework, and projects are expected between classes so the student not only learns in class but practices the art of herbalism.  This may take an estimated 3-5 hours per week.  Each student will be asked to write a report on a condition of their choice.  Details will be provided at the first class.  There will be handouts at each class, but students will be assigned reading in the same books as for Essential Herbalism plus one additional suggestion: Body Into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care by Maria Noël Groves. Other expenses include various herbs and ingredients for home projects.  Dr. Petley will help organize bulk sales for books and ingredients, when available.  Students can expect monthly costs to be $25+ depending on what they have available, what they choose to wildcraft, etc.

For outside of the class communication, students are encouraged to email Dr. Petley with questions.  He will establish a private Facebook group so students can post questions, comments, or photos of their projects.  There will also be an opportunity to join Dr. Petley in live Q&A video feeds scheduled once a month between classes where students are encouraged to ask questions that might arise from class, outside reading, or projects.

The cost of Applied Herbalism (Year Two) is $2000.  For details, see Tuition

Prerequisite: Essential Herbalism and Applied Herbalism