3rd Annual Festival of Herbalists

Celebrate the completion of Essential Herbalism, Applied Herbalism, and Clinical Herbalism with Dr. Nate Petley and his herbal students. See photos of the students on Facebook (nathanielpetleynd) and Instagram (drpetley) and be sure to congratulate them on a job well done!

This year was a smaller group so we are keeping our Festival of Herbalists tradition alive but with a private celebration. Be sure to check out in 2020!


Festival of Herbalists was created to serve several purposes:

1. Celebrate all students in Dr. Petley’s Herb Apprenticeship, past and present

2. Celebrate herbalism and increase its awareness in our community

3. Highlight the herbal wares created by students finishing Essential Herbalism (the first year of Dr. Petley’s Herb Apprenticeship) and welcoming back those finishing Applied Herbalism (year two) and Clinical Herbalism (year three) so they all experience selling in a marketplace setting

4. Serve as a meet and greet for prospective students


Click here for a Facebook video from Festival of Herbalists 2018

Click here for a Facebook video from Festival of Herbalists 2017



Note from Dr. Nate Petley (September 2017)

It is with great excitement that I invite the community to the first ever Festival of Herbalists!  Essential Herbalism 2017 was an incredible inaugural year and I can think of no better way to say thank you to the first year class than create Festival of Herbalists in their honor.