Here are things students, patients, and colleagues are saying about Dr. Petley and Maine Center for Natural Health:


“My experience with Dr. Petley and his skills, knowledge, and intuition has been incredible.  The day after a visit to the ER for abdominal pain, I went to Dr. Petley.  The ER doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder even though their tests showed nothing.  I decided not to choose that option.  Dr. Petley discovered the pain I was experiencing was related to a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes and together we corrected the entire digestive tract.  Thank you, Dr. Petley, for saving my gallbladder.” Female, 2017

“Dr. Petley has been a fabulous source of information for me – in a few short weeks he has uncovered the reason for several of my longstanding health issues – the most profound knowledge for me is that the adrenal exhaustion I’m prone to is an underlying cause of my chronic widespread body pain, as well as my periodic bouts with balance and vertigo. Through giving me this information, and through a health support plan that’s customized for the particulars of my body, I have high hope that things that have plagued me for decades will now be resolved.” Female, 2016

“Dr. Petley is a compassionate practitioner with a keen eye and wealth of knowledge in natural therapies. His training as an herbalist before becoming an ND makes him an expert in botanical medicines in particular. I’m always astonished by the thoroughness and long-lasting impact of his recommendations.” Dr. Aline Potvin, ND, 2016

“Hey, I wanted to thank you for telling about Dr. Nate Petley. Wow. I had my first visit with him in February and was absolutely blown away by his waiting room, his friendly, sunshiny, confident, and reassuring professional demeanor.  And even the sweet fragrances of all the herbal products, wow! Within two days of beginning treatment with him I made gains that far surpassed any of the past ten years.” Male, 2017. Posted with permission, a text from one patient to another.

Herb Apprenticeship:

You are an amazing teacher Dr. Petley. Thank you for this amazing year and experience. This class is one of the best investments I have made in my life journey. And I am eager and excited to learn more at each class. Keep shining your radiant light!!” Essential Herbalism 2017

“[I] finally feel like I’ve found the start to the journey I’m supposed to be on.  Dr Petley you’re doing an awesome thing by bringing herbalism to the forefront of our community.” Essential Herbalism 2017

“Thank you so much for everything you have taught us and shared with us up to this point, I am more excited than ever about the journey I’m on, and the things we’re all able to do now. Next year can’t come soon enough!” Essential Herbalism, 2017

“Dr. Petley’s Herb Apprenticeship was all that I expected and more.  I can hardly wait to continue my knowledge of herbs and their uses in year 2.” Essential Herbalism 2017

“I am so glad I took the leap! I finally feel like I’m on the right path.” Essential Herbalism 2017

Local Lectures:

“I liked your presentation and thanks for answering our questions. You were easy to follow and understand.”