Seed Swap

Why a seed swap? Seed swaps build community by spreading out resources.  Seeds can be expensive and this is a great way to add variety to everyone’s garden with little to no investment.

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Between now and April 23rd, you can mail or drop off seeds that you’d like to donate before the event.  We will repackage them for you into smaller seed packets so more people can enjoy them. Check back often to see the growing list of seeds that have been donated – if there are any you want, email Dr. Petley at [email protected] and he will reserve what he can for you.

Help us stay organized by labeling all seeds with as much information as you know (Name and Variety, Year Collected, Self-Collected Heirloom, Company, Source, Organic Status, etc.).

Simply send a SASE to the address below with your seed donations and he’ll pop your new seeds in the mail for you. Quantity may be very limited so don’t wait! First come first serve!  Mail to: Maine Center for Natural Health Seed Swap, One Post Office Square, Waterville, Maine 04901. 

You may also drop seeds off at MCNH at your convenience and if the office is closed, slide your sealed and labeled envelope through the mail slot in the door.  Even if you plan to attend the event, please consider dropping off your seeds early so we have time to get things organized.

On Saturday: COME EARLY!!  Bring your seeds, seedlings or houseplants if you haven’t already done so and we will divide them if needed to smaller seed packets. We will spread the seed packets on a table so you can easily browse. 

Don’t have any seeds to share or trade? No problem!  Join us anyway!  If you would like seeds, we ask that you donate $1 per 4 seed packets.  Please be generous! Come share and talk about your favorite seeds and how these seeds produced your best crop of tomatoes or the hottest peppers you’ve ever tasted… Gardening stories welcome!

Please don’t hoard! Don’t take more than you can use. All leftover seeds will be added to our new seed bank and any donations will be used for housing materials. 

Viable seeds only please! Seeds are generally viable for several years but if you’re not sure, place a few in a shallow dish with a wet paper towel in a warm location. If they don’t germinate within a week or two (depending on the plant variety and normal expectations), they are not likely viable.




Corn: open pollinated triple colored

Corn: open pollinated white popcorn



Queen Ann’s Lace


Spider plants (bare root)


Avocado trees